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Graviton CrossFit is an affiliated CrossFit health and fitness community located in Arlington, MA. We specialize in CrossFit group exercise and personal training. Our methodology includes metabolic conditioning (cardio), interval training, gymnastics, functional movements, weightlifting, nutrition and sport.
Located at 1 Broadway, Arlington, in the rear unit of the building, drive down Sunnyside Ave and enter from the rear parking lot. We're at the cross streets of Broadway and Alewife Brook Parkway, near the entrance to the Alewife Greenway Path.
Interested in becoming a Founding Member? We would love to hear from you!
Call or Text us at 781-222-4348
or Email info@gravitonfit.com

Cambridge Strength & Conditioning

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We are a weightlifting club that focuses on fostering a cooperative atmosphere with lots of camaraderie between members.  We have a wide variety of people lifting with us but the common theme between our members is a common goal to be stronger.  We have members who are top ranked weightlifters and powerlifters but also have members who are grandparents lifting for the first time to help maintain muscle and bone density.


We celebrate everyone’s personal achievements whether it’s a state record snatch or someone’s first 135 bench press.  Seeing others push as hard as they can and reach their goals is inspiring and that keeps our members engaged and motivated.


Adaptive Training Studio

Our vision is that people with disabilities are empowered to participate fully in what life has to offer. Our goal is to provide them with the functional training and knowledge to develop their ability to engage in the activities and adventures that they desire.

We exist to bridge the gap between traditional therapy and conventional gyms. We have seen how many people with disabilities leave the protected environment of the medical world without the self-reliance they need to succeed in the real world.


Sambo For All

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Our goal is to make sure that anyone who graduates this school can survive and achieve his or her goal/objective under any circumstances and in any environment.

Sambo Tactical School was created to offer specialized training in various settings and scenarios (urban, suburban, wilderness) using proven techniques borrowed from military, special ops, and other communities.




Raubritter - Modern Sword Fighting Club

Raubritter provides instruction on sword fighting to kids and adults using professional safety equipment.

Contact: aleka.molokova@gmail.com

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Chushin Dojo

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A Ju Jitsu Martial Arts Dojo in Arlington, MA that provides self-defense training for men and women in a safe, supportive environment.

Jujitsu, or “the gentle art,” is the parent of Aikido, Judo, and several styles of Karate. Often called the ultimate self-defense, Jujitsu techniques can be used for successful defense against unarmed and armed attacks.
In this class, students will practice blocks, strikes, kicks, joint-locks, and falls, use of pressure points, and various self-defense scenarios.

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North Horde

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We are a young but very ambitious steel fighting club from the Northeast and Boston area.
Coming from multiple martial arts backgrounds, fighting styles and techniques we are all here to fight under the banner of the North Horde.
Hard work makes hard warriors and under our guidance, YOU will become elite.
We don't identify our hobby with any leagues and promotions from the steel fighting world, but we remain driven by our pure love for the spirit of battle itself!